Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

i want to live my life (from so many anime quote)

yesterday,I was obsessed with the idea that I was all alone,and burdened with the complicated problems. I thought that nobody would care, or even miss me if I vanished from the face of the Earth. I wanted to disappear.

Then I had a dream about falling from the sky. I just remember that the bird was in the dream with me, and that the bird was someone in the form of a bird,it is told me that Everything has a beginning and an end. Life is just a cycle of starts and stops. There are ends we don't desire, but they're inevitable, we have to face them. Anywhere can be heaven, as long as you try to live. And because you are alive, for as long as you lives you will have a chance to obtain happiness. It's what being human is all about.

and I believe now...I want to live my life, carrying my memories with me. Even if those memories are painful, even if those memories do nothing but hurt me...even those memories I wish I could long as I keep carrying them with me and dont run away from them. Someday, I believe I will get to the point where I'm not oppressed by those memories. Thats what I want to believe. I'd like to think that there's not a single memory that I have which would be okay to forget.

no more tears, no more fears, because life must going on and ill always try to become a better and a stronger person

this note was inspired by many anime quote..... :)

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