Kamis, 09 Juni 2011

a forgotten friendship

To be best friends with someone,And then for it to be ,Totally and completely forgotten Is a nightmare.
You don't know what its like To feel forgotten,, To feel like you're second
And there's nothing you can do about it
They've moved on And they don't care
They've changed And left you

At one point
You probably felt alone, You felt betrayed
Like you're a just in case
You look at your phone, You want to call
But when you do ,,There's nothing to talk about
You sit there on the phone, Listening on the other side, Your heart racing
Hoping they say something

They have to go, So do you
You hang up, So do they

Your friendship is on that call, Nothing's there anymore
It's left alone
And it's lifeless
That phone call used to last for hours, A bunch of laughter and little drama
You used to talk so much; they used to say so much
So full of life and love

Its turned into something u wished wouldn't
An unexciting call, with little talk
Soon, no talking
No call, and
A forgotten friendship

"thats from sir one of a kind"

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